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Porcupine Springs Campground

Name: Porcupine Springs Campground

Porcupine Springs Campground is located nearly on top of a mountain near Magic Mountain Ski Resort. Check out this Google Map of Porcupine Springs Campground. This is a high mountain setting, with areas of forest mixed with open grassy hillsides. The campground is divided into five loops. A and B are group site, C is an equine loop which can be reserved for a group or used individually. Loop D and E are your normal single site with an occasional double site campground. Loop E doesn't show on the maps and I didn't get any pictures of the sites.

Campsites: Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and fire ring with attached grill. Most sites have been leveled. Some sites even have retaining walls on the uphill side. Loops A and B are group sites with six campsites each. The sites have a picnic table and fire ring with attached grill. Each have two double sites for a total of eight vehicle spaces maximum. Each have a central fire ring with benches surrounded by picnic tables and there is a large barbecue grill with a cooking table next to it. Maximum capacity is 100 persons. Loop C is an "equine" facility with six campsites. Three are double sites, allowing a maximum of 9 vehicles and 50 people. There is a central fire ring.

Host on Site: There is a host on site near the entrance.

Water: Yes, potable water is available throughout the campground.

Garbage Services: I called the forest service and was informed there is a dumpster in one of the parking lots near Diamondfield Jack Campground.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There are newer vault style outhouses in each loop.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouses are handicap accessible.

Firewood: There was firewood stacked at the host's site, but they were not available for me to find out if campers could purchase it.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

Picnic Area: There is no picnic area here.

Recreation: Activities include hiking, riding the many trails by horse or four wheelers, photography, birding, wildlife viewing, fishing and hunting. While reviewing one of the campgrounds nearby, I visited with a couple who were here doing research on the birds in this area.

Fishing: Fishing is popular on Rock Creek, but I over heard a conversation that the "good" fishing was in the isolated streams.

Boating: None.

Swimming: No.

Wildlife: Deer are common in these woods and one can find elk, bear, wolves and many other smaller woodland animals as well as many species of birds.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have review for these nearby campgrounds; Schipper Campground, Steer Basin Campground, Lower Penstemon Campground, Upper Penstemon Campground, FS Flats Campground, Diamondfield Jack Campground and Pettit Campground. Plus Harrington Fork Picnic Area.

Phone service: None.

Nearby Services: Rock Creek General Store is the nearest source of supplies or services. They offer food at their cafe, a convenience store, gas and propane. For further information call them at 208-423-5659.

RV Dumping Site: None nearby, but I have found one at Anderson Camp 1188 E. 990 S. Eden, ID. They charge $8.00 for use of their RV dump.

Location/Driving instructions: From Twin Falls follow this Google Map.

Coordinates: 42.168382,-114.260859

Elevation: 6598 Feet

Reviewed Date: June 2011

Fees And Reservations: Loops A, B and C as well as Loop D sites 15, 16, 17 and 18 are reserveable at Loops A, B and C are $75.00 per day while individual sites are $10.00. Doubles are $14.00.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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