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Tripod Reservoir Campground

Name: Tripod Reservoir Campground

Tripod Reservoir is a beautiful small lake in the hills west of Smith Ferry, Idaho. The road traveling to the reservoir is quite rough, and when you enter the lake area, there is a turn around area 100 yards from the lake. No vehicles are allowed at the lake itself, but there is adequate parking with a 300 feet walking path leading to the lake. The area is heavily forested with full shade available and a few primitive camping sites for the tent camper. This lake was so pretty I thought it looked like something out of the movies.

Campsites: The campsites are primitive with four or five sites. The only "improvements" are handmade stone fire rings and an older but still decent vault style outhouse.

Host on Site: No host.

Water: There is no potable water at Tripod Reservoir Campground.

Garbage Services: No garbage, pack it out with you.

Restroom: One vault style outhouse. It was stocked and clean when we came but I would recommend you bring your own toilet paper just in case.

Handicap Accessible: No!

Firewood: Gather your own.

Pets: I saw nothing about pets at this campground.

Picnic Area: Many people come to Tripod Reservoir to fish for the day but there is no "picnic area".

Recreation: Camping and fishing are the primary activities here.

Fishing: Tripod Reservoir is stocked with trout on a regular basis. I caught more fish from the creek than the reservoir but watch for bull trout there. Check out the fishing regulations.

Boating: No boating.

Swimming: I am sure campers do a little swimming. However, this is a fishing lake so be considerate of the fishermen.

Wildlife: Deer would be common here. Take care with your food and garbage as bear live in this area.

Additional Camping Opportunities: There are many primitive camping sites on Rd 644 or check out our reviews for Big Eddy, Cold Springs, Canyon, Swinging Bridge, Antelope, Cartwright Ridge, Sagehen Creek, Eastside and Hollywood Point Campground.

Phone service: No phone service at Tripod Reservoir Campground but there is a pay phone at Smiths Ferry.

Nearby Services: Smiths Ferry has a restaurant and small store and is located just 2 or 3 miles away.

RV Dumping Site: No.

Location/Driving instructions: From Hwy 55 at Smiths Ferry, turn west on Forest Rd 644 to Dry Buck/Sage Hen. One mile up Forest Rd 644 there is a turn off to the left with a small sign indicating Tripod Reservoir. There will be an intersection .3 to .4 miles in. Turn right and the gate is only .1 to .2 miles further. Sorry if this is not the best directions, just remember the lake is only about one half mile off Rd 644 so you can't get too lost.

Coordinates: 44.2900100,-116.0994000

Elevation: 5006 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: No reservations offered. Camping is free here.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Big Dan:

This is a very accurate description of Tripod

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