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Sagehen Creek Campground

Name: Sagehen Creek Campground

Following is my original  review however I have added pictures from a visit in August 2021. I wanted to see how much logging effected the campground. There has been a Tussock moth infestation which caused a great deal of damage to the trees in the area. To remove the damaged trees and help to control the infestation areas around the lake were logged. Sagehen Creek Campground lost a great number of trees. Campsites 3,4, 6, 10, 11 and 12 were the hardest hit. Checkout the pictures of these  campsites before you reserve. Other than the loss of trees the campground is about the same as it has been for years.

The campgrounds along Sagehen Reservoir are some of my favorite campgrounds. The area is heavily wooded with pine trees and has cozy wooded surroundings. Sagehen Creek Campground is located along the north shoreline of Sagehen Reservoir. In late summer, you can enjoy huckleberry picking near the campground. The area around Sagehen Reservoir is one of the better areas for huckleberry picking. In late summer you can enjoy fresh huckleberry pancakes made from huckleberries picked near your campsite. We normally use Krusteaz pancake mix when we go camping. Make your batter as you would normally. You can either add the fresh washed huckleberries to your batter, or arrange some on the top of each pancake after pouring onto the heated skillet. Finish cooking in your usual way and serve them with a thin coating of butter and sprinkle sugar over the top. Yummy! Sagehen Creek Campground is very popular in the summer and you should reserve your site ahead of time, but some sites are first come first serve basis. If you get there and the sites are in use, you can usually find a place to camp in the area, although holiday weekends may be more difficult. There are several other campgrounds along the shore, Cartwright Ridge Campground across the way, the Antelope Loop, Hollywood Point Campground as well as many off-road areas if you are self-contained. ATV's are used a lot in the area, but not much in the campgrounds. Temperatures run between 80 and 90 degrees in the summer. For those of you interested in Native American activities, I have found chips of obsidian along the shore between Antelope Campground and the dam. Definite arrowhead making workings. Remember to look only, we are not allowed to remove such artifacts.

Campsites: Sagehen Creek Campground has 15 campsites. Surrounded by trees and bushes, the sites offer some privacy with room for the kids to play. The campsites include a fire pit, standing barbecue grill and a picnic table. There are places to put a tent or you can park an RV. Some sites can handle bigger RV's than others, and there are no electric hookups. There is a host on site.

As of August 2021 campsites 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 are first come first serve. Campsite 3 is the only pull through.

Water: There is water in the campground. I wouldn't drink it although it is suppose to be safe for drinking.

Garbage Services: You must carry out your own garbage at Sagehen Creek Campground.

Electricity Available: There is no electricity at Sagehen Creek Campground.

Restroom: There are vault style toilets throughout the campground which are handicap accessible. They are maintained daily.

Firewood: Firewood may be purchased from the camp host.

Pets: are welcome on a leash.

Picnic Area: One table by the boat lounch.

Recreation: Camping, fishing, berry picking and trail riding are the main activities here.

Fishing: There is great trout fishing at Sagehen Reservoir. There are trails along the shoreline which allow easy access for the fisherman. We have caught fish from both the shoreline and the boat. If you are up to a challenge, try the creek below the road!

Boating: There is a dock and boat ramp at Sagehen Creek and Antelope Campgrounds. Motorized boats are welcome, however there is a speed limit of 15 mph, no wake.

Swimming: Families do swim along some of the shoreline. It can be very refreshing on those hot summer days. There is no lifeguard on duty.

Hiking: In addition to the fishermen trails, there is a nature trail near Sagehen Creek Campground, and there is a hiking trail that circles the lake.

Wildlife: We have actually seen black bear in the area a couple times. They have never been aggressive, they just like getting into the garbage. We have also seen osprey, deer, and a lot of friendly squirrels, ground squirrels and chipmunks. The kids have enjoyed watching the tiny frogs as well as bigger frogs down by the water.

Phone service: There is not a telephone at Sagehen Creek Campground. You can get cell reception in a couple small areas and then only if you hold your phone just right! You may have to drive around a bit to get it and it depends on your carrier as to whether you can get it at all. During my visit in August 2021 I was not able to get any reception.

Gas and Food: is at least 18 miles away. Be sure to bring plenty of ice because it takes awhile to go get it when you run out.

RV Dumping Site: None

Nearest Shower: None

Location/Driving instructions: From Horseshoe Bend, Idaho take Highway 52, 9 miles west to the junction with the Sweet/Ola Highway. Turn north and travel 16 miles to Ola, Idaho. Travel north through Ola and follow the signs, 18 miles to Sagehen Reservoir. Paved road turns to gravel a few miles north of Ola. Or try this alternative route through Smiths Ferry, Idaho.

Coordinates: 44.3343450,-116.1776330

Elevation: 4951 Feet

Reviewed Date: August 2021

Fees And Reservations: For the current fee schedule and to reserve your campsite go to

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Pets are allowed at Sagehen Creek Campground but must be on a 6 foot or less leash.
albert holmes:

are pets allowed at Sagehen CREEK CAMPGROUND

We haven't been to Sagehen area this year but the bugs have been worse in the areas we have been. Anybody  that has been there care to share?

How are the bugs and mosquitos?  We have heard several reports from the Cascade area that the bugs are really bad this year.  In past summers we have not had any bug related issues at Sagehen.
Carolyn Dickinson:

Is the drive to Sagehen steep and difficult with a trailer?
Terri Haines:

We took our 19' trailer in with no problem. I wouldn't want to take a large one in there, but many people do. The road is gravel, windy and washboard at times. If you have a large trailer, I would come in through Sweet and Ola.

What about extra camping spots not right on the water?

HI Dave, There are some primitive campsites on the east side of the lake. I have never really explored them to know whether you could pull a trailer into them or how many there are but you might check it out.

We were there July 4-7, 2022.  Temps were in the 70’s.  Some nats and a few flies, but no mosquitoes.  The camp spot was lovely right on the reservoir and we were able to have a camp fire.  Restroom were clean and well maintained by the host. The signs say the well water is drinkable, but it’s a rust color and had a film over it.  Looked nasty so we didn’t drink it.