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Eastside Campground

Name: Eastside Campground

Eastside Campground is located along the shore of Sagehen Reservoir. It is a reservable group campground with 1 site. It holds up to 50 people and you can reserve the entire campground for $80.00. If the campground is not reserved, individual sites may be used.

Water: There is water in the campground. I wouldn't drink it although it is suppose to be safe for drinking.

Garbage Services: You must carry out your own garbage at Eastside Campground.

Restroom: There are vault style toilets at the campground which are handicap accessible. They are maintained daily.

Pets: are welcome on a leash.

Fishing: There is great trout fishing at Sagehen Reservoir. There are trails along the shoreline which allow easy access for the fisherman. We have caught fish from both the shoreline and the boat. If you are up to a challenge, try the creek below the road!

Boating: There is a dock and boat ramp at Antelope Campground long the north shoreline of the Reservoir. Motorized boats are welcome, however there is a speed limit of 15 mph, no wake.

Swimming: Families do swim along some of the shorelines. It can be very refreshing on those hot summer days. There is no life guard on duty.

Hiking: In addition to the fishermen trails, there are nature trails and various trails winding around the reservoir. Years ago we tried to hike around the lake. That was an experience! After several hours of blazing our way through some of the areas, we succeeded, although we were hot, tired and thirsty.

Wildlife: We have actually seen black bear in the area a couple times. They have never been aggressive, they just like getting into the garbage. We have also seen osprey, deer, and a lot of friendly squirrels, ground squirrels and chipmunks. The kids have enjoyed watching the tiny frogs as well as bigger frogs down by the water.

Phone service: There is not a telephone at Eastside Campground. You can get cell reception in a couple small areas and then only if you hold your phone just right! You may have to drive around a bit to get it and it depends on your carrier as to whether you can get it at all.

Gas and Food: is at least 18 miles away. Be sure to bring plenty of ice because it takes awhile to go get it when you run out.

Location/Driving instructions: From Horseshoe Bend, take Highway 52, 9 miles west to the junction with the Sweet/Ola Highway. Turn north and travel 16 miles to Ola, Idaho. Travel north through Ola and follow the signs, 18 miles to Sagehen Reservoir. Paved road turns to gravel a few miles north of Ola.

Coordinates: 44.33222,-116.17361

Elevation: 4985 Feet

Reviewed Date: February 2010

Fees And Reservations: Call (877) 446-6777 or go to Reservations must be made at least 10 days in advance. For 2017 camping season, May - Sept: This campground may be reserved for 1 group of up to 50 people for $92.59.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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