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Big Eddy Campground

Name: Big Eddy Campground

Big Eddy Campground is one of four campgrounds located along Hwy 55 on the North Fork of the Payette River between Banks and Smiths Ferry. The campground is right along the river. It is often used by kayakers and rafters because it is close to Banks, Idaho, which is known for white water rafting and kayaking trips. It can be a bit noisy at night due to highway traffic, but it is a nice little place to camp.

Campsites: Big Eddy Campground has 4 campsites, 3 of which can accommodate an RV up to 30 ft. long. The camping sites include a fire pit and a picnic table. There are places to put tents or you can park an RV.

Host on Site: There is not a host on site.

Water: There is no drinking water in the campground.

Garbage Services: You must carry out your own garbage at Big Eddy Campground.

Electricity Available: There is no electricity at Big Eddy Campground.

Restroom: There is a vault style toilet in the campground which is handicap accessible.

Fishing: There is great trout fishing as well as whitefish along the North Fork of the Payette River.

Boating: There is white water boat access for rafting and kayaking on the Payette River near Banks, Idaho.

Swimming: There are nice sandy beaches along the river. We are not swimmers but our kids waded and we had a good time. These little beaches are probably what we liked best camping here.

Wildlife: We have seen deer in our campground, and I hear hunting is good both sides of the river during hunting season. There are black bear in this area however we have never seen one or their handiwork here.

Phone service: There is not a telephone at Big Eddy Campground. The nearest telephone is 9 mi. south at Banks. Cell reception is unlikely.

Gas and Food: is 9 miles south at Banks, Idaho.

Location/Driving instructions: From Boise, drive 44 miles north on Idaho State Road 55 to the campground. It is nine miles north of Banks, Idaho.

Coordinates: 44.220565,-116.106732

Elevation: 4092 Feet

Reviewed Date: February 2010

Fees And Reservations: These campsites are available on a first come first serve basis. As of April 2017 campsites are $15 per day. Additional vehicles are $5 per day. $8 for day use.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Ramona Webb:

We spent the  night st Site 3 st Big Eddy.  There may not be a host st this Campground, but the premises are pristine. No garbage receptacles, yet it appears as though there would be by the appearance of this place.  Website mentioned the noise from the highway, especially at night, as this little Campground is sandwiched between Hwy 55 and the North Fork of the Payette River.  Honestly, though, I gotta tell ya,  we had all the windows and  vents opened up on our Toy Hauler and all we heard at night was the sound of the river. Such a good night's sleep!  Our Labrador absolutely enjoyed frolicking in the river which was about 20-25 steps from our campsite.  We would stay here again in a heartbeat !

I have always wanted to camp at Big Eddy but was worried that if all the sites were taken we would not be able to turn around. We tow a 27 ft travel trailer.