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Name: Cascade Lake Area

Cascade Lake has fifteen public campgrounds, twelve are in Lake Cascade State Park. There are six other points of interest which include picnic areas, swimming beaches, boating sites and a fishing bridge. For reviews of the campgrounds, click on the links listed above. The points of interest can be seen by clicking on the links below. You will find the national forest campgrounds offer lower pricing and a more woodsy feel while the state park camping offers a "park" like setting with mowed lawns. Lake Cascade State Park offers a variety of camping environments, boat ramps and docks, picnic sites and several swimming beaches. There is a $5.00 entrance fee to enter any state park facility unless you are renting a space. There are showers available at Ridgeview and Poison Creek Campgrounds. It will cost you $5.00 for your car to enter the park and then $3.00 each for the shower. If you want to use a state park boat ramp it is also a $5.00 fee. They only charge one $5.00 fee per day, so you should be able to take your boat down and unload, then later go to the showers with the same fee so hang onto your receipt. To reserve a camping site go to

Additional Camping Opportunities: Lake Cascade State Park campgrounds are; Big Sage Campground, Blue Heron Campground, Buttercup Campground, Crown Point Campground, Curlew Campground, Huckleberry Campground, Poison Creek Campground, Ridgeview Campground, Sage Bluff Campground, Sugarloaf Campground, Van Wyck Campground and West Mountain Campground.

National Forest campgrounds include; Amanita Campground, French Creek Campground and Rainbow Campground. Campbell Creek Boating Site and Tamarack Falls Fishing Bridge are also National Forest facilities.

RV Dumping Site: There are two RV dumping stations which are free other than the $5.00 entrance fee. One is in Van Wyck Campground and the second is in West Mountain Campground.

Reviewed Date: June 2011

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Thanks for the question. Big Sage to the south has a great beach but no companion sites. You can get to Crown Point without crossing the dam by following the GoogleMap I have a link to on the Crown Point review. Check them out.

julie, a camper responded to your question on our facebook page and even included a picture. The shoreline is more muddy with rocks and frogs.
julie hurlbut:

we loved the place! stayed at ridgeview and been trying for two years to get #195 or #199 but it is NEVER avail.. what other camper sites have beaches cause our little guy needs to play in sand and he is autistic so has to be close to our camper, we dont like to cross the dam.  also if we get a companion space with our camper can the people that come with us have a tent on the companion site as they dont have a camper