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McCoy Creek Campground

Name: McCoy Creek Campground

McCoy Creek Campground sets on a hill on the southeast shore of Palisades Reservoir. It is divided into two sections. One is on a hill without access to the reservoir. This section is very lightly used. The second section is on the reservoir and is used more. The campground sets in a mature forest with heavy undergrowth. There is a small boat launch but if the water level drops even a little, it is useless. McCoy Creek Campground has potential to be a good campground but we found it in a state of disrepair with little use. Info we found on the internet indicated there was a camp host but we didn't see one at the time of our visit. If you want to get away from people this may be a campground to consider.

Campsites: There are at least 18 campsites which are in various states of repair. Most have a picnic table and fire pit with attached grate. The road it gravel while some driveways are gravel and some dirt.

Host on Site: The internet indicates yes, but we didn't see one.

Water: Water is available from a hand pump equipped well and the water was clear and cool.

Garbage Services: Yes

Electricity Available: No

Restroom: There is the usual vault style outhouse available and it was ok, not clean, not dirty.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouse is handicap accessible but that is the only part of this campground which could be considered handicap accessible.

Firewood: You will need to provide your own firewood.

Pets: Pets are allowed but are required to be kept on a leash.

Picnic Area: No

Recreation: Camping and fishing are main activities at McCoy Creek Campground.

Fishing: Fishing is available in Palisades Reservoir for cutthroat trout, both native and stocked, Kokanee salmon, brown and Mackinaw trout may also be caught. You may check the regulations here.

Boating: At the time of our visit, the boat launch was out of the water and boats could not launch.

Swimming: There is no "swimming area" but the lake is available to swim in at your own risk.

Wildlife: Deer, elk, moose, black and grizzly bear abound here so use caution with your food and garbage to avoid problems with bear.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Mike Harris Campground, Pine Creek Campground, Riverside Park Campground, Falls Campground, Palisades Creek Campground, Big Elk Creek Campground, Calamity Campground, Blowout Campground and Alpine Campground.

Phone service: None

Nearby Services: For supplies like gas, food, pop and ice Alpine, Wy is only 10 miles away.

RV Dumping Site: We know of an RV dump station just below Palisades Dam.

Location/Driving instructions: From Boise, Idaho follow this Google Map. To customize this map for you just replace Boise, Idaho, with your location.

Coordinates: 43.184197,-111.104030

Elevation: 5674 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2012

Fees And Reservations: McCoy Creek Campground is available on a first come first serve basis. Double sites are $20 per day, singles $10 and your extra vehicle is another $5.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Anita Roberts:

Actually McCoy creek is a popular campground that seems to be always full. Lot's of off the road primitive campsites available.  Beautiful area!  The upper loop of the campground has been closed for some years but the lower loop is good camping.  Close to the water and the creek itself.  Always lots of wildlife to enjoy!