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Howers Campground

Name: Howers Campground

Hower's Campground is situated on the east shore of Deadwood Reservoir. The campground is hilly and shaded by a mixed pine forest. This campground gets very busy at times. We saw one tent set up on a wide spot in the road, ouch.

Campsites: We marked down 11 campsites but says there are only 10 of them. Each has a picnic table and fire ring. The road, driveways and sites are all dirt in a natural setting.

Host on Site: No

Water: No, but there is water at Riverside and Cosy Cove Campgrounds.

Garbage Services: No

Electricity Available: No

Restroom: One vault style outhouse is available and was fairly clean although there was very little toilet paper.

Handicap Accessible: Only the outhouse.

Firewood: No

Pets: Pets are allowed on a leash but not everybody was following that rule.

Picnic Area: There is no designated picnic area at the campground but we found one nearCosy Cove Campground.

Recreation: Camping, fishing, swimming, boating, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking and hiking are available near this campground.

Fishing: Deadwood Reservoir is know for its Kokenee salmon fishing. We had very little luck on trout.

Boating: Yes, there are boat launchs in Cosy Cove Campground and a gravel bar type launch closer to Riverside Campground. I am not sure I have ever seen anybody water skiing probably becuase of its remote location.

Swimming: There are several beaches when the water level drops but no designated swimming spot.

Hiking: For hiking trails nearby take a look at Idaho Trails.

Wildlife: Deer, elk, black bear and wolves live in these woods.

Additional Camping Opportunities: There are 4 campgrounds around Deadwood Reservoir. So check out RiversideBarney'sHowers and Cozy Cove. There is a large primitive camping area at a grvel bar type boat launch near Riverside Campground. Other primitive camping is available in various locations around the lake and on the Deadwood River north of the reservoir.

Phone service: No

Nearby Services: Town is a long ways away so come with everything you will need.

RV Dumping Site: No

Location/Driving instructions: Follow this GoogleMap to find Hower's Campground.

Coordinates: 44.324453,-115.647942

Elevation: 5310 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2020

Fees And Reservations: The fee for 2020 was $12 per day to camp. To reserve a campsite or to check the current fees go to

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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