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Bayhorse Lake Campground

Name: Bayhorse Lake Campground

Bayhorse Lake Campground is on a hill above Bayhorse Lake. The lake is at an elevation of 8584 feet which means the campground is about 8600 feet. The mountains around seem small, probably because the campground is already higher than most mountains. We fished on the lake and caught a few, hiked a bit on the surrounding hills and even broke a few rocks looking for interesting minerals. A coyote came down to the lake to visit but didn't like our company. In the evening, 5 deer came out to graze on the meadow by the lake. Of the 70 or so campgrounds we reviewed in July, Bayhorse Lake Campground was one of the 3 best in our opinion. It is a newer facility, or newly remodeled.

Campsites: There are nine tent / RV camping sites. The sites on the highest point seem to be the most popular because the view to the east is quite impressive.

Host on Site: No.

Water: There was a well but it was disabled. I believe the campground has been remodeled and was not complete. The sites looked new and were not numbered.

Garbage Services: There was no garbage service available at the time we visited. Water: There was a well but it was disabled. I believe the campground has been remodeled and was not complete. The sites looked new and were not numbered.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There are two vault style outhouses, one at the lake and one on the hill at the campground. Both were clean and stocked.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouses are handicap accessible and the picnic area and campground would be accessible, but the fishing dock access was not very accessible.

Firewood: No firewood available, you will need to gather your own.

Pets: Pets are allowed but I would be very careful with your dog as the wolves view dogs as competition.

Picnic Area: Bayhorse Lake Campground has a very nice picnic area near the lake with several sites and a vault style outhouse. The locals like to come here for the day to fish.

Recreation: Recreation From Bayhorse Lake Campground includes fishing in Bayhorse Lake, photography, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding the trails in the surrounding mountains. There is also Little Bayhorse Lake. We did not visit Little Bayhorse Lake as a wind had knocked down trees and the campground was closed when we visited.

Fishing: Bayhorse Lake is stocked with trout and the fish we caught were all hatchery fish. They were nice fat ones and fried up very nicely.

Boating: Motors are not allowed on Bayhorse Lake, but float tubes, canoes, and other non-motorized boats are welcome.

Swimming: This is a fishing lake, we saw no one swimming.

Wildlife: We stayed at Bayhorse over night and saw 5 deer on the meadow, a coyote across the lake, a large bird of prey and several other birds. There are wolves, elk and bear in the area also.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for the following nearby campgrounds; Bayhorse Recreation Site, East Fork Recreation Site, Herd Lake Campground and Holman Creek Campground. There are many free primitive camping sites on the upper third of the drive up Bayhorse Creek to Bayhorse Lake.

Phone service: Phone service is available at Challis, both cell phone reception and a pay phone.

Nearby Services: Challis is nearby and has any camping supplies you may run low on. However, the climb to Bayhorse Lake is very steep and you probably would do well to stock up before heading up the hill.

RV Dumping Site: The nearest RV dumping station is at the Land of Yankee Fork Interpretive Center. You will find it on the north edge of the parking lot. There is no fee for its use, so far.

Location/Driving instructions: From Challis, Idaho, take Hwy 93 south to the junction with Hwy 75. Turn right onto Hwy 75 and travel toward Stanley, Idaho, for 5.5 miles to another right turn onto Old Road. Follow Old Road for 2.8 miles to a slight right turn onto Bayhorse Creek Road which will take you to Bayhorse Lake Campground in 8.5 miles.

Coordinates: 44.411423,-114.400632

Elevation: 8610 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: Bayhorse Lake Campground is currently a first come first serve facility. That may change when the site is complete. The campground was about half full on a weekday. As of April 2017 the forest service is indicating there is no fee to camp here.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Annie Cole:

This entire post is seriously flawed.  You obviously do not live in this state because we all collect our own wood, where ever we go camping.  This is the way I have build a fire for 30+ years camping. Wolves are not the problem, people are.  Please stop being ignorant about our wildlife.  

Annie, I'm sorry you feel this review is flawed.  Actually, I have lived in Idaho for over 50 years and love this state.  My family and I also like collecting our own firewood and it is something we look forward to every camping trip.  However, many people prefer to buy it from a camp host ready for the fire pit.  I was just letting them know there was none available for purchase at the time of our review. I also agree that wolves are not a problem. They are helping to restore a natural balance to our ecosystem. My post indicates that they live in the area along with bear and elk. You are not likely to see wolves but it is worth watching for them.