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Baumgartner Campground Recreation

Baumgartner Campground has a nice in ground pool for its hotspring.

This is the hot spring pool at Baumgartner Campground.

Baumgartner Campgrounds hot spring play area.

Baumgartner Campgrounds play area near the hot spring.

This a the entrance to the parking area for the hot spring at Baumgartner Campground.

This is the entrance to the hot spring parking lot at Baumgartner Campground.

the Hot psring area has its own outhouses at Baumgartner Campground.

The outhouses at the hot spring.

Baumgartner Campground has a nature trail.

One of the activities at Baumgartner Campground is hiking this nature trail which starts near the hot spring pool.

This is an info sign about John Baumgartner.

There are many signs along the trail including this info sign about John Baumgartner.

There are several signs like this one.

Most signs are like this one, the following picture is looking up.

Baumgartner Campgrounds nature trail

The trail continues with educational sign spaced every little way.

This is another example of the eduational signs scattered along the trail.

This a hiking trail leading east along the river. It

There is another hiking trail along the river. It's paved for handicapped campers to explore.

Horseshoe pits at Baumgartner Campground.

Horseshoe pits at Baumgartner Campground.