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Springy Point Recreation Area

Name: Springy Point Recreation Area

Springy Point Recreation Area is located on the shore of Lake Pend Oreille. The campground is on sloping ground and is covered with a mature forest which provides most sites with shade. The lake is the attraction here whether you want to swim, boat or fish. If you are looking for a campsite on the lake, near town and want cell/data service this might be the place for you.

Campsites: There are 38 campsites, each equipped with a picnic table and fire ring with attrached grate. Driveways vary in length from the shortest at 20 feet to one 45 footer. The road and driveways are gravel except the entrance and road to the boat ramp which are paved.

Host on Site: Yes, there is a campground host and they were friendly and helpful.

Water: There is a pressurized water system with nice, clear water.

Garbage Services: Yes.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There are two restrooms with flushing toilets and lavs, one with showers. Both were clean and well stocked at the time of our visit.

Handicap Accessible: The restrooms are handicap accessible and overall this is one of the more handicap friendly campgrounds.

Firewood: You may purchase firewood from a bin near the entrance.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be kept kenneled or on a leash.

Picnic Area: There are a few picnic tables at the beach for picnicking.

Recreation: The lake provides the recreation here whether it is swimming at the beach, fishing along the shore or boating.

Fishing: Pend Oreille Lake is quite large and has many species of fish living in it. Check the fishing regulations through a link on our Idaho Fishing page.

Boating: There is a boat launch and dock available but this is not a large marina type access point. Check out our pictures through the "Recreation" page.

Swimming: Springy Point has a very nice swimming area with docks, swimming beach and picnic area.

Wildlife: We saw no wildlife but there was a sign indicating deer, elk and black bear are present. Also, Osprey and Bald Eagles fish the lake.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Sam Owens Campground, Riley Creek Recreation Area, Round Lake State Park and Priest River Recreation Area(Mudhole).

Phone service: There was good cell and data service available on our AT&T phones as well as a pay phone.

Nearby Services: Sandpoint, Idaho is only 6 miles away and offers most any service you might need.

RV Dumping Site: Springy Point offers a RV dumping station on site.

Nearest Shower: The main restroom offers showers for campers.

Nearest Laundry: We have included directions to one of several laundry services in Sandpoint. We did not use them so this is not a recommendation. Nu-way Wash-o-matic is located at 502 N 5th St in Sand Point.

Location/Driving instructions: From Sandpoint, Idaho follow this Google Map.

Coordinates: 48.2358,-116.586933

Elevation: 2109 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2014

Fees And Reservations: You may reserve your campsite on line at but there may be an additional $9 non refundable reservation fee. However, I would recommend reserving a site as you would likely not find an opening on a summer weekend. Each campsite costs $20 per night and there is a $10 fee for your extra vehicle.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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The campsites themselves were fine.  Nice location to the lake, things to do in Sandpoint,  The hosts were nice enough too BUT, BIG but here, when you were in your campsite it was like being in a jail cell.  The hosts and people in uniform and Sheriffs went by non stop.  We had nothing to hide of course but it was highly annoying!  We felt watched and listened to the whole time.  I don't know if they've had criminal activity or escapees here recently or what the deal was!  We'd be in a middle of conversation and they'd walk right onto your space for this that or the other little thing.  Really really weird. We'll never be back. Again, nice enough people but no sense of freedom at all which is what you go camping for isn't it?  

Ranger Betsy Hull is the rudest ranger I have ever encountered at a campground, kicked my family out of the site we reserved for 2 days (paid $40.00) because we planned to use it for day use only and not camp overnight. Apparently that is their rule so we warned of that. Ranger Betsy Hull informed me that rich people have no right to reserve sites for day use and make it so there are no sites for poor people, I didn't realize I was rich but thanks for the update Ranger Betsy! 

It is super small and the slots have your door to your camper facing the wrong direction and have to walk all the way around to get to your picnic table and camp fire. There are trails that go through your spot that other campers walk through to get to the restrooms.Probably won’t be returning