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Sam Owens Campground

Name: Sam Owens Campground

Sam Owens Campground is located on the eastern shore of Pend Oreille Lake. It is set on rolling hills with a mature forest. There is little undergrowth and is mostly mowed lawn. Recreation here involves the lake whether you are fishing, boating or playing in the water. Even the volleyball court is down by the lake.

Campsites: There are 80 campsites situated in 4 loops. Refer to the map in the campsite section for details. Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and a fire ring with attached grate. The roads in the campground are paved while the driveways vary. Red Sun Loop has gravel driveways and is fairly level. Scented Leaf Loop has paved driveways and also come with 15 foot by 15 foot tent squares and is on a slope. Dancing Shadows Loop has one restroom set in the middle of the loop and has gravel driveways. Finally, Skipping Stone Loop has shorter gravel driveways and is set on a steeper slope but borders the lake.

Host on Site: There is more than one camp host. I think there was one in each loop.

Water: You will find a nice pressurized water system with good water near your campsite.

Garbage Services: There are bear resistant dumpsters in multiple locations in the campground and I highly recommend you use them. There are black bear in these woods.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: Restrooms were located in each loop and were clean and well stocked, however, there were no showers..

Handicap Accessible: The restrooms are handicap accessible. With the paved roads, getting around here would be easy. I did not see any handicap equipped campsites though.

Firewood: You may purchase firewood from the camp host. In 2014 the price was $8 per bundle and the bundle was bigger than most.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

Picnic Area: Sam Owens Campground has one of the largest picnic areas of any campground we have visited. There is also a pavilion which may be reserved for your group. There is a sign with details about it in the "recreation" section.

Recreation: Recreation here involves the lake whether you are fishing, boating or playing in the water. They have hauled in sand to make a wonderful sand volleyball court next the lake and there is also a set of horseshoe pits there.

Fishing: Fishing is availalbe in Lake Pend Orielle, check the regulations here.

Boating: Pend Orielle Lake is quite large but the boat ramp and dock are small. You may put your boat in here but there are no mooring facilities.

Swimming: There is a swimming area but no lifeguard.

Wildlife: Deer, black bear, small mammals and birds live in the woods around the campground. There was a bear warning posted at the time of our visit.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Springy Point Recreation Area, Riley Creek Recreation Area, Round Lake State Park and Priest River Recreation Area(Mudhole).

Phone service: Our ATT cell phones got only spotty reception. I didn't see a pay phone.

RV Dumping Site: There is a RV dump station in the campground, however, it is not free to use. They charge $7 per dump. This is the only park I have found in Idaho that charges its campers to use the dump station. At $20 dollars per day without electricity or water hook-ups the dump station should be free to campers in my opinion.

Location/Driving instructions: From Sandpoint, Idaho follow this GoogleMap.

Coordinates: 48.220033,-116.28415

Elevation: 2125 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2014

Fees And Reservations: You may reserve your campsite on We visited during the week so I can't tell you how busy it is on the weekends. We found many available campsites as the campground was fairly empty. Each single site daily fee is $20 to $22. Extra vehicles are $8 per day as is the day use area.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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B Brown:

great place to camp, loved it, will do again
Dan A:

Excellent camping with friendly hosts. The lake was perfect for swimming with hardly anyone on the beach when we were there. Quiet sleeping at night. Lots of wildlife. We are returning.
Dan A:

Excellent camping with friendly hosts. The lake was perfect for swimming with hardly anyone on the beach when we were there. Quiet sleeping at night. Lots of wildlife. We are returning.
Colleen Flowers:

My husband & I , Daughter, Son in law, & 2 Grandsons ages 7 & 4 camped at Sam Owens on Labor Day weekend. We had 2 trailers, 2 sites. Had a great time, was quiet. Enjoyed the Lake in our Boat We are longtime, 40  yrs N Idaho residents. Have never seen anything like the windstorm on Mon Labor Day 2020 that hit early with the wind howling at 8 AM. First tree fell next to our trailer with myself & grandsons in it. We moved quickly, but were trapped with all. At least 5 trees fell in our site where just pulled out. The trees where we had been sitting with our Dogs & at Picnic table. In all we & all others were lucky with we heard 100 or so trees falling all around. Our grandsons were in a pickup when a tree came down on back totaling the pickup. Our Son in laws quick thinking when he yelled tree most likely saved his Wife’s life. She was helping the Boys dress to flee to the Beach. The Boys were ok, just Big eyes. The 7 yr old still fearful of wind & trees. Another tree snapped off & hit our older well cared for Boat in the overflow parking. Quite a bit of damage. Also hit our nice Campground hosts pickup , & the other nice hosts car. He was helping Daughter & Family get to the Beach. We heard other vehicle damage but miraculously none to anyone in the Park. We have camped a lot over the years but are still she’ll shocked over this. We figured some trees would be removed. Maybe Campground closed this year. A Friend just told me Today they had went up to Sam Owens for a Picnic & many Trees marked, but not down. And they said the Campground was full for 4 th of July. Does that mean all Summer.? Can this happen again with all the older Trees, maybe. Root rot & dry older Trees have been told. By the way your Campground Hosts did a good Job helping all with trees falling all around.