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Grouse Campground

Name: Grouse Campground

This review was made from the information we observed from our visit on September 7, 2021 and was accurate as of that date.

Grouse Campground is on the shore of Goose Lake. Between Goose Lake and nearby Brundage Reservoir the fishing opportunities are great. The elevation is about 6400 feet with nearby Brundage mountain over 7700 feet so cool mornings can occur anytime. This campground was remodeled including the removal of many trees about 10 years ago If you like a more open environment, you will be comfortable here.

Campsites: There are 21 campsites, of which 19 may be reserved. Each site is equipped with picnic table and a fire pit with grill. RV sizes range from 25 foot to 45 foot. There is a campground host on site. The day use area is free. If the campground is full, there are other less developed camping sites along Goose Lake on the road headed toward Hazard Lake Campground.

Host on Site: Yes

Water: There is drinking water available through 2 hand pump equipped wells.

Garbage Services: No garbage services, pack it in, pack it out applies.

Electricity Available: No

Restroom: The restrooms are vault style outhouses which were clean and well maintained.

Handicap Accessible: Grouse Campground is somewhat handicap accessible.

Firewood: No

Pets: Pets are welcome.

Picnic Area: There was one picnic table near the boat launch. 

Recreation: There are hiking trails nearby with scenic vistas and wildlife in several areas. Brundage mountain Ski Resort may also offer opportunities for your entertainment. Six Mile Trail starts just outside the campground. An equestrian facility is located less than a mile away. There is huckleberry picking in late summer!

Fishing: Yes, you will find trout in the lakes and streams in this area.

Boating: Goose Lake is a no wake water. There is a boat ramp for accessing the lake at the day use area.

Swimming: Undeveloped

Hiking: Six Mile Trail is nearby.

Wildlife: Deer, elk, bear and many other wildlife species live here. There were bear warnings on each table.

Nearby Services: The nearest services are at McCall, Idaho.

Gas and Food: Gas, food and other services may be had a McCall, Idaho.

Location/Driving instructions: Follow this GoogleMap from McCall, Idaho.

Coordinates: 45.068275,-116.166387

Elevation: 6370 Feet

Reviewed Date: September 2021

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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julie hurlbut:

is there a beach or swimming area for kids?

I plan on visiting this campground in August but maybe we can get an answer from other campers.
Don Deidrich:

No "swimming area" but have seen people playing in  the water at the "boat ramp". water will be cold but clear.
Don Deidrich:

Nice camping sites, need some trees in the south camping area.