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Eightmile Campground

Name: Eightmile Campground

Eightmile Campground is a very small campground on the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River where Eightmile Creek joins the river. The campground is set back in the mountains and the mountains are well over 9000 feet in elevation. As you can see from our pictures, the area is completely forested and the river is beautiful.

Campsites: There are only 2 campsites in Eightmile Campground. They both have a picnic table and fire ring, and the road and sites are dirt. Because of the rough road and steep entry, this is not a good choice for large RVs. The campground is right down on the river.

Host on Site: No.

Water: There is no potable water available here.

Garbage Services: No.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There is a vault style outhouse.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouse is handicap accessible.

Firewood: You will need to gather your own firewood.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash.

Picnic Area: There is no picnic area at Eightmile Campground, but since there is no fee, you could use an available campsite for your picnic.

Recreation: Camping, fishing, photography and wildlife viewing are common activities here. Others use the trails in the area for riding their ATVs, mountain bikes and horses. Sightseeing at the ghost towns of Bonanza, Custer and the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge are very interesting and educational.

Fishing: Fishing is available in the Yankee Fork of the Salmon River. Check the regulations through our link on our fishing info page.

Boating: No boating here.

Swimming: The river is fairly small here, but one could find a good place to splash and keep cool on a hot summer day.

Wildlife: Deer, elk and bear are common in this area. Mountain goats and mountain lions are also found in this area but are harder to find. Wolves have moved into this area in recent years. We saw a fox which had just caught a cottontail rabbit; see its picture.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviewed the following nearby campgrounds; Custer #1 Campground, Pole Flat Campground, Flat Rock Campground and Blind Creek Campground. There are many free primitive campsites in this area. There is a nice one just above the campground which was occupied even though the campground was empty.

Phone service: Phone service from either a pay phone or your cell phone is available in Stanley to the west or in Challis to the east. There was also spotty cell reception along Hwy 75.

Nearby Services: Stanley is the best location to the west for those supplies you might run out of like gas, propane, pop, ice and food. If you want to go east, there is a convenience store a few miles past Clayton on Hwy 75 which has gas, a cafe, and other supplies.

RV Dumping Site: There is a RV dumping station just south of Stanley, Idaho.

Location/Driving instructions: From Stanley, ID, take Hwy 75 NE toward Challis for 13.0 miles to Sunbeam. Turn left onto Yankee Fork Road and follow it past the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge and Custer to the Eightmile Campground, about 15.3 miles from Sunbeam.

Coordinates: 44.426421,-114.621289

Elevation: 6842 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: No reservations, this is a first come first serve campground. As of May 20117 there is no charge for this campground.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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This campsite no longer exists.