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Shorts Bar Campground

Name: Shorts Bar Campground

Shorts Bar Campground is great for the fishermen who want to park their RV's some place and spend the weekend fishing the Salmon River. It is a big, open undeveloped area. Shorts Bar is just a mile and a half from Riggins.

Campsites: This is a big, open area for undeveloped camping. There are 4 tables and 4 fire pits, but it is not limited to 4 camping parties. RV's were lined up side by side. The more the merrier! There is also a bar 2 miles upstream that doesn't have a name on it where you could camp. There are 5 picnic tables, fire pits and a portapotty at this unmarked bar. The road is 100 yds or so into this area, but very rough and steep. Both places are in prime fishing territory.

Water: No water available.

Garbage Services: No. Pack in, pack out.

Restroom: Yes, vault style outhouse.

Handicap Accessible: No.

Firewood: No. We didn't see any available at the time.

Pets: Not mentioned but as a courtesy to others, pets should be on a leash.

Picnic Area: No.

Fishing: Fishing on the Salmon River. A great place for Salmon fishing!

Boating: There is a boat launch at this facility.

Swimming: No swimming.

Wildlife: Deer, bear, ground squirrels, and geese in the area

Phone service: No public telephone, but there may be spotty cell reception.

Nearby Services: Riggins is the closest town, 1.5 miles from the junction.

RV Dumping Site: No. However there is an RV dumping station in Riggins.

Location/Driving instructions: Just 1.5 miles upstream on the Salmon River Rd. from Riggins.

Coordinates: 45.4138670,-116.3022270

Elevation: 1758 Feet

Reviewed Date: June 2010

Fees And Reservations: No reservations. No fee area.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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