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Shepherd Lake Access Campground

Name: Shepherd Lake Access Campground

Shepherd Lake is a small fishing lake tucked in among gently rolling, forested hills 2 miles from Sagle, Idaho. There is a 3 day camping limit in this undeveloped campground.

Campsites: Camping sites in the campground consist of rock fire pits and no tables. Most of the sites are along the lake. There is room for about 6 camping parties. The road has probably never been improved past the boat ramp. I wouldn't advise large RV's in here.

Host on Site: No host, but the info phone number is 208-769-1440 for Idaho Fish and Game, or

Water: No drinking water at this campground.

Garbage Services: No garbage service. Pack it in, pack it out.

Restroom: There is a vault style outhouse that needed cleaning when we were there.

Handicap Accessible: No.

Pets: Should be on a leash.

Picnic Area: Not really.

Fishing: Yes, there is fishing for trout, crappie, bass, bluegill.

Boating: Yes, there is a boat ramp and boat dock. Electric motors only.

Swimming: Yes, there is swimming in the lake.

Phone service: No pay phone and no cell reception.

Nearby Services: Sagle has the nearest services 2 miles away.

RV Dumping Site: No.

Location/Driving instructions: From Sagle, Idaho, travel .5 miles southeast on Sagle Rd. Veer right onto Talache Rd and travel another 1.5 miles. Google Maps.

Coordinates: 48.1863470,-116.5239570

Elevation: 2306 Feet

Reviewed Date: June 2010

Fees And Reservations: No reservations. No fee.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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