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Scout Park Campground

Name: Scout Park Campground

Campsites: Scout Park has 14 camping/fishing sites on the water's edge with 12 additional campsites close by. Each campsite includes a picnic table, camp grill over a fire pit with adequate space for tents and campers. It is covered with sand and gravel and surrounded by grass and dirt. There were some RV's in this campground when we visited, and there is additional RV parking close by, however it is a separate campground, Locust Park.

Water: Yes, there is drinking water available in the campground.

Garbage Services: There is a garbage dumpster available.

Restroom: There are flushing toilets in the campground and we found them to be clean and well maintained.

Pets: Pets are welcome on a leash.

Fishing: CJ Strike is known for its fishing so the campers in this campground are usually there for the fishing. Fishing includes sturgeon, bass and trout among others.

Boating: There are no boat docks at this campground.

Swimming: There is no swimming in this campground. The water has a strong current.

Phone service: There is limited cell phone reception in this campground.

Location/Driving instructions: CJ Strike Reservoir and the area campgrounds are located 21 miles south of Mountain Home. From I-84 take exit 95 at Mountain Home. Travel south on Hwy 51 for 21 miles to Bruneau. From Bruneau, continue traveling west on Hwy 51 for about 2 miles. Take Hwy 78 right for about 6 miles, turn right on Black Sands road to CJ Strike Dam with North Park and Locust Park campground.

Coordinates: 42.9469650,-115.9771240

Elevation: 2378 Feet

Reviewed Date: February 2010

Fees And Reservations: Idaho Power has just gone to an on-line reservation system, check it out. As of May 2017, Camping at North Park RV sites daily fee is $10 during the summer season and $5 during the winter, while the tent sites are $8 during the summer and $4 in the winter months. Overflow is $4 year round. Seniors receive a $2 summer discount and a $1 winter discount. Disabled Veterans receive a 50% discount.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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John Antonuccio:

This Campground is awesome this time of year when it gets hot the bugs are thick though, the sound of the water makes you sleep very good.. be ready for the sprinklers if you're Camping? under the trees
Fred Reynolds:

This is a great camp ground, not as good as the Idaho Power sites on the lower Snake River which have elect and water hookups at RV camping spots. Scout Park has poor to nonexistent cell phone service no telephone service and the camp host is only part time which adds to the risk of camping because of the lack of emergency focal point in the park although the Owyhee County  Sheriff does randomly patrol the park. This could be a much better Idaho Power Park with a little more understanding of campers needs on the Upper Snack River.