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Point Campground

Name: Point Campground

Point Campground on Redfish Lake is situated on the northwest shore of Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. It is just past Redfish Lake Lodge at the end of the road. The campground is for small RVs and tent camping only. The forest here is thin, providing little privacy or shade. However, the beach is BEAUTIFUL! The reason one would camp here versus another campground on Redfish Lake is the beach, and second is the tent camping facilities. The roads and driveways are paved as are the RV sites. The path into the tent area is paved, but there is no paving in the actual tent sites.

Campsites: There are 17 campsites. Eight are tent camping only and the remainder of the sites are for small RV camping. The tent sites have a parking area with numbers that relate to your tent site. The tent sites are a walk in only area. There are carts available for you to load your gear into and walk it to your site. Each tent site has a picnic table, fire pit, cooking table, sand filled tent square and a bear proof metal storage container. Check-out the pictures for a better understanding of the sites. The small RV sites are reserved for conversion vans, pick-up campers and very small campers. Each RV site has a picnic table, fire pit and a cooking table.

Host on Site: The campground hosts are Dell and Vivian. Vivian showed us around the campground. She is very enthusiastic about the Redfish Lake area and especially Point Campground. She would be happy to show off the campground to you.

Water: The water is pressurized and is very good.

Garbage Services: Garbage services are available in bear proof containers.

Restroom: Point Campground has both flushing toilets and a vault style outhouse. Both are clean and well maintained.

Handicap Accessible: Yes, Point Campground is handicap accessible.

Firewood: Firewood is available from the camp host for $5.00 per bundle.

Pets: On a leash only. Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Picnic Area: Point Campground has its own day use area with picnic tables. Part of this day use area is on a point above the lake and the tables are low, like you are spreading your blanket for a picnic. These offer a great view of the lake and mountains.

Recreation: Activities in this area include boating, swimming, canoeing, kayaking on the Salmon River, hiking, biking, backpacking, horseback riding, fishing, photography ( this area is the most photographed area in Idaho) and much more. There is shopping in the quaint shops in nearby Stanley, Idaho, or for a power shopper, the drive to Ketchum / Sun Valley is only about one hour.

Fishing: Trout fishing is available in Redfish Lake, Little Redfish Lake, the Salmon River and other streams in the nearby area.

Boating: Boating is a big attraction on the lake. Check out the Sandy Beach Boat Ramp.

Swimming: Swimming is available at Point Campground Beach. Check out our pictures. The beach is beautiful! The dock creates an enclosed swimming area for your children.

Wildlife: Deer abound in this area but so do bear. Use caution with your food and garbage to avoid problems with the bear.

Additional Camping Opportunities: There are 8 campgrounds in the Redfish Lake area. Check them all out.

Phone service: There is no pay phone at the campground but there is one at the Central Services area and another at Redfish Lake Lodge.

Nearby Services: Most services (gas, food, candy, pop, ice, showers, laundry, etc.) can be found at the Central Services area or you may try Redfish Lake Lodge for other services. If you need more, Stanley, Idaho, is less than 10 miles to the north on Hwy 75.

RV Dumping Site: The RV dumping station is also at the central services area.

Location/Driving instructions: From Stanley, Idaho, travel 4.3 miles south on Hwy 75 to Redfish Lake Road. Turn right onto Redfish Lake road and travel 1.7 miles to the Redfish Lake Lodge sign on Forest Rd 213. Turn right and travel past Redfish Lake Lodge to Point Campground 0.7 miles. The road ends in the campground.

Coordinates: 44.1398500,-114.9255400

Elevation: 6572 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: Point Campground sites can be reserved at The host indicated one needs to reserve a site 6 months in advance for June or July. Double sites are $32.00, singles are $16.00 and your extra vehicle is $5.00 per day.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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