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Neinmeyer Forest Camp

Name: Neinmeyer Forest Camp

Neinmeyer Forest Camp is in the Boise National Forest and is situated along the North Fork of the Boise River. This is beautiful, pine covered mountainous country.

Campsites: There are eight RV/tent camping sites total. Five are on the bank of the North Fork of the Boise River and the other three are on a slope across the road. This camp is the most rundown campground I have been to recently. Cement fire rings are breaking up, the lower toilet is very old, while the upper one is made of river rock. It looked nice from a distance, but a closer inspection revealed an old bench seat style outhouse with pealing paint and rotting wood. I am not going to say this is not a "good" campground but it does need work.

Water: No water or drinking water available.

Garbage Services: No.

Handicap Accessible: No.

Pets: Should be on a leash but that was not the case when we were there.

Fishing: There is trout fishing in the river.

Boating: No boating facilities.

Swimming: We didn't see a reasonable hole for swimming, but use your own judgment.

Wildlife: Bear, deer, and elk are in the area. We saw some wild geese nearby.

Phone service: No phone service and no cell reception.

Nearby Services: Nearest services would be Twin Springs Resort 11.5 miles down the Boise River where they have ice and a small mini-mart. We have a picture of the Resort on our Troutdale review. Other services would be in Idaho City.

RV Dumping Site: No.

Location/Driving instructions: For directions check this link to Google Maps.

Coordinates: 43.7555670,-115.5687010

Elevation: 3736 Feet

Reviewed Date: May 2010

Fees And Reservations: No reservations. No fee camping.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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