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Marsh Creek Campground

Name: Marsh Creek Campground

Marsh Creek Campground is located above Marsh Creek in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area about 22 miles NW of Stanley, Idaho. This area ranges from only slightly sloped, to hilly, and on to mountainous. The forest is mature with underbrush and grass. The camping sites are located in the woods around a large parking area. You would park you RV on the edge of the lot next to the site you choose.

Campsites: There are 3 tent / RV camping sites. Each have a picnic table and fire ring with a grill attached. The road is gravel. These sites are very natural.

Host on Site: No host.

Water: No potable water.

Garbage Services: No garbage services.

Restroom: Older, outhouse toilets that were not too bad.

Handicap Accessible: Not at all.

Firewood: No firewood available. You will need to provide your own.

Pets: Are allowed. A leash is always a good idea in the wilderness area. Watch out for wolves as wolves view dogs as competition.

Picnic Area: There is no picnic area but if one of the sites is open you could certainly use it for your picnic. I saw one family that hiked down to Marsh Creek to picnic on a small sandy spot by the water.

Recreation: Marsh Creek Campground appears to be an "after-thought" to the trailhead so the obvious recreation here is hiking or riding the trail by horseback. Fishing in Marsh Creek would also be a reason for coming here. However, there are all the usual activities such as camping, bird watching, viewing wildlife, photography and more.

Fishing: Fishing in Marsh Creek is restricted. The regulations stated catch & release only with fly or lure using a single barbless hook. Check the regulations as things might have changed. The Cape Horn Lakes are a mile or so east of Beaver Creek Campground. I have not fished there so I have no report for you.

Boating: I saw no signs of boating / rafting from here.

Swimming: No swimming here as Marsh Creek runs swiftly.

Wildlife: This is pretty, wild country so one could see most any of the the larger animals such as deer, elk, bear, moose, wolves and occasionally a mountain lion.

Additional Camping Opportunities: Check out our reviews of Beaver Creek, Lola Creek, Banner Creek, Bull Trout, Fir Creek and Thatcher Creek campgrounds. There are also primitive sites scattered about the area. I noticed one of these primitive sites being used just off the road near Beaver Creek Campground.

Phone service: There is no pay phone in the campground nor did we get service with our ATT cell phones. Stanley, Idaho, is the nearest location for a phone.

Nearby Services: Stanley, Idaho, is your nearest source for camping supplies such as gas, propane, food, ice and pop.

RV Dumping Site: There is an RV dumping station near Stanley and another at the Red Fish Lake Central Services area.

Location/Driving instructions: From Stanley, Idaho, you will travel NW on Hwy 21 18.0 miles to make a right turn onto Lola Creek Campground Road. Follow Lola Creek Campground Rd 1.3 miles to the campground which is at the end of the road.

Coordinates: 44.410435,-115.184230

Elevation: 6481 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: You may not reserve sites in Marsh Creek Campground. They are on a first come first serve basis. No fee.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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