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Macks Creek Campground

Name: Macks Creek Campground

Macks Creek Campground and Picnic Area are located on Forest Service Road 268/Arrowrock Road just 4.5 miles from Highway 21. The campground is above the road with the picnic area/docks below against Lucky Peak Lake. The hills are covered with wild flowers in the spring and are hot and dry during the summer. The perfect setting for those who enjoy playing in the water.

Campsites: There are 5 RV camping sites with covers, tables and fire rings with grills. The tent camping area has 10 sites, many with tables and covered shelters. All sites have fire pits and tables. Two vault toilets are available, potable water via hand pump, and a one lane launch ramp. Docks at the shoreline are also for day users, and are shared among all visitors - not exclusive to the campsite.

Water: Drinking water is available by hand pump near the Park Host site.

Garbage Services: No. The entire campground is Pack-It-in, Pack-It-Out. Campers at Macks are allowed to enter Spring Shores Marina State Park free of charge to deposit trash in the dumpsters provided there.

Restroom: One vault toilet serves the RV sites 1-5, two more serve the tent sites 6-15.

Handicap Accessible: This entire site has challenging handicap access. Sites 2 and 11 are most conducive for handicap access.

Pets: Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

Recreation: The big attraction here is the water, whether it is fishing or skiing. During warm weather the marina is always full and that does not seem to be a drawback. Depending on the water level, there are sandy beaches for sunbathing and fun. A small beach and swimming area near the middle of the campground has benches and play toys for kids.

Fishing: Lucky Peak Lake has a variety of fish species, various trout, bass, crappie and others. Check the regulations here.

Boating: Boating is the main attraction here. There is a boat ramp with several docks for your use.

Wildlife: You will often see deer coming down to the lake to drink and there are many bird species to view.

Phone service: We had no cell phone service with our ATT phones but there is a phone available at Spring Shores Marina just 3 miles away. There is an emergency roadside pedestal speakerphone available for 911 and nonemergency calls near the park host's site.

Nearby Services: Just 3 miles away, Spring Shore Marina has a convenience store with a sheriff's office, ice, fuel and other supplies. Boise is 21 miles away and there is a restaurant 7 miles away toward Boise.

RV Dumping Site: No. The nearest RV dumping station is at the Flying J in Boise.

Location/Driving instructions: 18 miles north on Highway 21 from Boise. Turn right onto Road #268/Arrowrock Road for 4.5 miles.

Coordinates: 43.610220,-115.938209

Elevation: 3099 Feet

Reviewed Date: May 2010

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Teena Stipan:

Hi  i'm looking to come and camp there for five nights probably the third week of July I have a mini trailer that would need power and a tent possibly two tents, do you have any recommend did sites? Maybe 6? We would like to be by the water. 

Hi Teena, There are only 5 camper sites and all are above the road away from the water. Those near the water are tent camping...
Jane Holiday:

Great Site. Thank you.