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Irish Point

Name: Irish Point

Irish Point is situated on the north shore of Arrowrock Lake. The hills are sagebrush covered with a few pine trees in the valleys. The camping sites have mature trees for shade. This is fairly isolated as the access road is rough and slow. This camping area is a good example of what is available at several spots along the road except Irish Point has an outhouse toilet available.

Campsites: There are no developed camping sites here. People have camped here for many years because of the trees. There are stone fire rings but no tables.

Water: No water.

Garbage Services: No garbage service here.

Restroom: There is one older outhouse toilet here.

Handicap Accessible: This is not handicap accessible.

Pets: Pets should be on a leash, however, this is not practiced from our observations.

Recreation: The main attractions here are camping and fishing. I am sure bird and wildlife watching are also available. We saw many four wheelers and motorcycles in the camps as well.

Fishing: Fishing is available in Arrowrock Lake for trout, bass and crappie. There are some small streams in the area which would also have trout fishing.

Boating: There is a boat ramp a few miles away.

Wildlife: There are deer tracks everywhere but we did not actually see the deer. There are also elk and geese seen here.

Phone service: No phone, we also had no cell service on our ATT phones.

Nearby Services: No services closer than Spring Shores Marina 13 miles away, which has a convenience store for ice, gas, drinks, telephone and other supplies, even a sheriffs office.

RV Dumping Site: The nearest RV dumping station is at Boise, Idaho.

Location/Driving instructions: Take Highway 21 NE from Boise to Arrowrock Road(turn right) then Irish Point is 14 miles. This road is a slow gravel winding road.

Coordinates: 43.612884,-115.831937

Elevation: 3244 Feet

Reviewed Date: May 2010

Fees And Reservations: No campground reservations. Totally free.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Joei Morss:

This is where I got married. This is my favorite place to go

Is the Irish point camping area still valid for overnight camping?