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Horseshoe Lake Campground

Name: Horseshoe Lake Campground

I visited Horseshoe Lake Campground  in July of 2013 and the information here is accurate as of that date. Horseshoe Lake Campground is on the shore of beautiful Horseshoe Lake a few miles from Mount Adams. The area is covered with heavy forest although there are grassy meadows with blue wildflowers scattered about. Activities include fishing, hiking, camping, photography and many come to climb at least part way up Mt Adams.

Campsites: There are 11 campsites which range from 18 to 30 foot maximum vehicle length. Campsites 1, 3 and 4 are pull through with the rest being back-in. All campsites offer a good deal of sunlight. Each has a picnic table and fire pit. The road and driveways are all gravel.

Host on Site: No, an attendant visits the campground at least once per day.

Water: No.

Garbage Services: Yes, there are garbage cans available and the garbage is collected daily.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There is one vault style outhouse which is kept very clean.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouse is handicap accessible.

Firewood: Firewood is available from the camp attendant. It cost $6.00 per bundle in 2013.

Picnic Area: No.

Fishing: Fishing is available in Horseshoe Lake and other nearby lakes and streams.

Boating: Only electric and people powered boats are allowed.

Swimming: There is no designated swimming area and the lake is more of a "fishing" lake but I am sure many a camper plays in the lake to keep cool.

Wildlife: Deer and elk live in these woods as do black bear. Bear were sighted in the area in 2013 but none in a campground.

Phone service: None closer than Randle, WA.

Nearby Services: Also Randle, WA.

RV Dumping Site: Also none closer than Randle.

Location/Driving instructions: From Tacoma, WA follow this GoogleMap.

Coordinates: 46.309572,-121.566608

Reviewed Date: July 2013

Fees And Reservations: The daily fee is $12 plus a $6 extra vehicle fee if you bring a 2nd vehicle. These fees were as of July 2013. No reservations, first come first served. This campground is popular, I would encourage you to come up Thursday or Friday to get a site.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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