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Giant Whitepine Campground

Name: Giant Whitepine Campground

Giant White Pine Campground is named after a 600 year old white pine that died in 1998 and was cut down in 1999. It is still lying in the campground as a reminder of its existence. The campground is densely forested and is paved throughout - many of the campsites away from the road are very cozy! We visited in 2010 and again in 2017 so you will see pictures from both visits.

Campsites: There are 14 camping sites in the campground. Some sites have long driveways for parking your large RV while others are much shorter. Most campsites have a pine needle ground cover, picnic table and fire pit.

Host on Site: We did not see a host on site. We are thinking the host for Laird Park is also the host for Giant Whitepine.

Water: Yes. A little metallic smelling, but it tasted okay. I would prefer bottled water if I was spending any time here.

Garbage Services: No garbage service. Pack in, pack out.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: Yes. Vault style outhouse. Giant White Pine has more outhouses than most campgrounds twice its size!

Handicap Accessible: Yes, the outhouses are handicap accessible.

Firewood: You will need to gather your own or bring some with you.

Pets: Pets must be on a leash. No saddle, pack, or draft animals.

Picnic Area: Small picnic area at the hiking trail heads.

Recreation: Recreation here is camping and hiking.

Fishing: Not at the campground although the Palouse River is nearby.

Boating: No boating access.

Swimming: No swimming at the campground but the stream may be enough to wade in depending on the season.

Hiking: See our pic to the right of the Whitepine Trail system.

Wildlife: Deer, bear, birds, ground squirrels,

Additional Camping Opportunities: Laird Park campground is nearby.

Phone service: No pay telephone and no cell reception on our AT&T phones.

Nearby Services: Harvard has gas, ice and other services should you need anything is 7.7 miles South on Highway 6.

RV Dumping Site: No dumping site.

Location/Driving instructions: Travel North on Highway 6/Whitepine Drive, 7.7 miles from Harvard, Idaho.

Coordinates: 47.010596,-116.678401

Elevation: 2787 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2017

Fees And Reservations: No reservations. First come, first serve. At the time of our last visit the fee was $8 per night, $2 extra vehicle, holders of Golden Age passports are half price. They are considering increasing the fee to $12 per day, check out the sign for info the comment on this change.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Spent the night a day at the campground and had a great evening. The only problem we had was during the night there was an owl making noise all night and there was a bunch of branches breaking around us all night long and it wasn’t until the morning that we found out that it was a Cow Moose hanging around our tent all night.

This is my favorite campsite in this area! So beautiful!