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Chinook Bay Campground

Name: Chinook Bay Campground

Chinook Bay Campground is situated on the north shore of Little Redfish Lake and is part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. There is a wonderful view of the Sawtooth Mountains from the campground. With no paved roads, it is somewhat a rustic setting. The forest is thin, providing only sparse shade and little privacy. The entire campground is covered with grass which has been trimmed to keep the campground looking neat. The bathrooms have flushing toilets with sinks and air hand dryer!

Campsites: There are 13 tent / RV camping sites. Each have a picnic table and fire ring.

Host on Site: There was a camp host but we didn't meet them.

Water: Chinook Bay Campground has a pressurized water system with good water.

Garbage Services: There is garbage service available in bearwise containers.

Restroom: The restrooms have flushing toilets with a sink and an air hand dryer, but no hot water.

Handicap Accessible: The restrooms are handicap accessible but the campground would be fairly tough to navigate.

Firewood: Firewood is available from the camp host for $6.00 per bundle.

Pets: Pets are allowed on a leash.

Picnic Area: No picnic area at Chinook Bay Campground.

Recreation: Of course, there is fishing in the area but that is just the beginning of recreational activities. There is hiking, biking, horseback riding, and backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains. There are water sports in the rivers and lakes, and the area is a paradise for the photographer and painter. There is a visitor center on Redfish Lake which is open on the weekends with brochures and maps.

Fishing: Little Redfish Lake is stocked on a regular basis and the Salmon River, Redfish Lake Creek, and Redfish Lake are also nearby. Trout and Kokanee are the primary fish here. Salmon have been increasing in population and there could be a season in the next few years. Check the fishing regulations.

Boating: I can't find regulations about boating on Little Redfish Lake. There were no boating facilities in either campground around the lake.

Swimming: Yes, feel free to swim, but there is no "beach" or lifeguard. If you would like a real beach, check out the beaches at North Shore Picnic Area and Point Campground on Redfish Lake.

Wildlife: Deer, elk, moose, bear, and many other species of wildlife inhabit this area. Take care with your food and garbage to avoid bear trouble.

Additional Camping Opportunities: There are seven other campgrounds in the Redfish Lake Area and at least one undeveloped camping area just south of the Redfish Lake Road to the east side of Highway 75. It is just before the highway crosses the Salmon River.

Phone service: There is no phone here, but there is a pay phone at the Central Services area at Redfish Lake.

Nearby Services: The Central Services has most of the supplies you might need such as gas, propane, pop, candy, showers, laundry and ice, or check out the "general store" at Redfish Lake Lodge. Also, Stanley, Idaho, just 3 mile north on Highway 75, has pretty much anything else you would need.

RV Dumping Site: Also at the Central Services area.

Location/Driving instructions: Chinook Bay Campground is only 3 miles south of Stanley, Idaho, on Highway 75, then a half mile up Redfish Lake Road to the west.

Coordinates: 44.163797,-114.903817

Elevation: 6500 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: No reservations. As of April 2017 double sites are $32.00, singles are $16.00, and your extra vehicle is $5.00.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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