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Boundary Campground

Name: Boundary Campground

Boundary Campground is just a few miles outside of historic Sun Valley, Idaho. The campground is set along Trail Creek. Cottonwood and aspen trees scattered about the campground provide some shade. During the summer, it can be above 90 degrees in the afternoon. Sun Valley is a popular resort town on the Big Wood River surrounded by mountains. The Pioneer Mountains are to the east, the Smoky Mountains to the west, and the Boulder Mountains to the north. The campground has become popular with travelers wanting to stay near Sun Valley for the shopping and atmosphere. The campground gates are locked at 10pm to 6am to prevent late night disturbances.

Campsites: There are 9 tent / RV camping sites, each having a heavy metal picnic table, barbecue table, cement fire pit, all surrounded by a cement pad. The road and driveways are gravel.

Host on Site: Yes, they have been here for 11 years and love Ketchum!

Water: Water is available from a hand-pump equipped well.

Garbage Services: Garbage service is offered here.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: A vault style outhouse is available and was clean and well stocked.

Handicap Accessible: Boundary Campground is very handicap accessible from the out houses to the sites and tables.

Firewood: You will need to provide your own firewood as there is none offered here.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times. There are at least 3 signs about keeping your pet on a leash and a "pooper scooper" was hanging by one sign.

Picnic Area: There is a very nice little picnic area in Boundary Campground. It is rather popular with the people coming out to hike and walk along the nature path that follows Trail Creek Road.

Recreation: We saw many people walking, hiking and riding their bikes on Trail Creek Trail which follows Trail Creek Road to the east. Being so close to Sun Valley, shopping is a very popular activity. This area is a wonderful area for a photographer and for backpacking.

Fishing: If you are looking for a fishing opportunity, then I would recommend camping elsewhere. There are fishing streams around Sun Valley and there are campgrounds closer to those streams.

Boating: No.

Swimming: There is no swimming here.

Wildlife: Boundary Campground is very close to town so I would not have expected to see much wildlife. However, a cow moose walked though the picnic area just moments before we arrived.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Park Creek Campground, Phi Kappa Campground, Wood River Campground, North Fork Campground and Sawmill Campground. There is a free primitive camping area up Trail Creek at Corral Creek.

Phone service: You should have cell reception at Boundary Campground and a pay phone can be found in Sun Valley or Ketchum.

Nearby Services: Any supplies one might need for camping, or for that matter anything at all, can be found in Sun Valley or Ketchum, Idaho.

RV Dumping Site: North of Ketchum, find the Sawtooth NRA Visitor Center. In a large meadow just to the north of the center you will find a RV dumping station.

Location/Driving instructions: Boundary Campground is only 2.2 miles east of Sun Valley, Idaho, on Trail Creek Road.

Coordinates: 43.721996,-114.326686

Elevation: 6071 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: Boundary Campground is a first come first serve facility with no reservations. There is a 7 day stay limit as this is very popular with folks wanting to stay in near Sun Valley / Ketchum. As of April 2017 the daily fee for a double RV camping site is $20.00 and $10.00 for a single.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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