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Crags Campground & Transfer Camp

Name: Crags Campground & Transfer Camp

Crags Campground and Transfer Camp is set at a little over 8400 feet in elevation on fairly level ground. The forest is mostly pine. The campsites are well spaced out so most of your neighbor won't be to close. The road in is steep and in many places narrow so "I" would not bring a trailer of any real size here and if I did I would certainly be planning on a long stay to make that drive in worth it. It took 7 hours from Boise in my Ram pickup. Some of the reviews I read before going mentioned the need for good tires. The road in is rocky but I have been on worse. However I wouldn't recommend the street tires that come on some of the small cars.

Campsites: There are nine campsites, each has a picnic table and fire ring. The road and driveways are gravel/dirt. There are some pull-through and some back in sites. I didn't see any numbers but there may be campsites at the transfer camp also.

Host on Site: There is a host at the transfer camp but they were not there at the time of our visit.

Water: I find it amazing that there is a pressurized water system with faucets scattered about the campground and Transfer Camp.

Garbage Services: No, you will need to pack your garbage out with you.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: You will find multiple vault style outhouses at the campground, trailhead and transfer camp. They were clean and stocked with TP.

Handicap Accessible: No.

Firewood: I didn't see any for sale so one would need to gather their own.

Pets: As usual, pets must be kept on a leash. Do keep in mind there are wolves and wolves will sometimes attack your dogs.

Picnic Area: None.

Recreation: Other than just getting away to camp the primary recreation here is hiking, backpacking, fishing and hunting. There is a system of interlinked trails with many lakes and mountains to explore. You will want to checkout the review I published about the hiking that is available here.

Fishing: There is no fishing at the campground but Golden Trout Lake is a steep half mile hike away. There are many other lakes if you take a hike toward the Crags.

Boating: No.

Swimming: Surprisingly there was a VERY small but sandy beach at Golden Trout Lake. Seriously it is about 10 feet wide with no sandy patch anywhere else on the lake. It made me chuckle.

Hiking: My son and I spent four days hiking the Crags. Checkout the review here.

Wildlife: We saw tracks of deer but only actually saw a grouse and seven Bighorn Sheep. I am told there are wolves and bear as well as elk in this area but I saw no signs of their presence.

Additional Camping Opportunities: Most people come here to hike or hunt and this campground is far from any other campground. However there are many spots along the way one could set up a primitive camp.

Nearby Services: It's over 40 miles to Challis, Idaho where you would find the nearest services.

Gas and Food: Also Challis, Idaho

RV Dumping Site: None nearby.

Nearest Shower: Challis, Idaho

Nearest Laundry: Challis, Idaho

Location/Driving instructions: To find Crags Campground you will want to checkout this GoogleMap. I set it to start from Stanley, Idaho but you can change it to start from your location if you want.

Coordinates: 45.104319,-114.521176

Elevation: 8440 Feet

Reviewed Date: September 2019

Fees And Reservations: First we don't own, manage or make reservations for any campground. The signs at the campground indicated the fee at the time of our visit was only $4 per day. What a bargain since most campgrounds with water are at least $15. The campsites are not reserveable so far as I can tell as of 2019.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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