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Bad Bear Campground

Name: Bad Bear Campground

Bad Bear Campground is across Hwy 21 from Mores Creek north of Idaho City on the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route . The campground is situated along Bad Bear Creek, which is a very small stream. Bad Bear Creek isn't big enough to fish in, but the kids could play in it and cool down on warm summer days, or you could try your hand at panning gold. Some of the sites are "cozier" than others, and it is a nice place for the family to relax on a weekend. The elevation at the campground is about 5200 feet, so the night will probably be fairly cool.

Campsites: Bad Bear Campground has 5 RV camping sites, each having a picnic table with a lantern hook and fire pit. There are a couple sites which can accommodate medium sized RVs. The other sites are rather small. This is less developed than some campgrounds. There is no electricity or waste water dump. Over all I am not impressed with Bad Bear Campground. Site 2 looked good but 1 and 5 were right against the highway. Site 3, the double site, only had one small parking spot. Bad Bear has a picnic area between Highway 21 and Mores Creek. There are two picnic tables each with a fire ring. There is also a vault style outhouse in the picnic area. The turn around area in the picnic area is very small.

Water: There is drinking water available in the campground, however it is very metallic tasting.

Garbage Services: There is garbage service available with "Bearwise" garbage cans.

Restroom: The restroom is a vault/outhouse style. They are clean and well maintained as of May 2010.

Handicap Accessible: The restrooms are handicap accessible.

Pets: Pets are Ok on a leash.

Recreation: Camping, hiking, bird watching, prospecting and fishing.

Fishing: There is fishing in Mores Creek for rainbow trout.

Wildlife: Deer are common in this area, however so are black bear so take precautions. You could see elk, cougar (not likely), squirrels, many different birds and several other small animals.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Edna Creek Campground, Ten Mile Campground, and Whoop-um-up Campground.

Phone service: There is no phone service available, cell phone service is spotty to non-existent.

Nearby Services: The nearest services are available at Idaho City.

Location/Driving instructions: Travel 9.2 miles northeast of Idaho City on Hwy 21, the campground is on the left side, the picnic area is on the right side.

Coordinates: 43.908472,-115.697790

Elevation: 5127 Feet

Reviewed Date: May 2010

Fees And Reservations: These camping sites are available on a first come first serve basis. No reservations available. These camping sites cost $15 per night and $30 for a double campsite.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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