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Anderson Ranch Reservoir Area

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Name: Anderson Ranch Reservoir Area

Anderson Ranch Reservoir is located north of Mountain Home, Idaho. It is very popular for fishing and water skiing. There are ten campgrounds, a trail head and four major boat launches. For information on Anderson Ranch Reservoir click here.

Location/Driving instructions: To reach Anderson Ranch Dam from Boise, Idaho follow this GoogleMap or from Twin Falls, Idaho follow this Map.

Reviewed Date: June 2011

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.


Mike Stanton:

Any off-road riding available ?

I am not into off-roading so if anybody reads this that is please feel feel to chime in. I have seen a lot of motorcycle and 4-wheel activity toward Featherville. By looking at GoogleMaps I see a number of trails and small roads along the north side of the reservoir. So I would answer this with a yes.