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Alturas Lake Inlet Campground

Name: Alturas Lake Inlet Campground

Alturas Lake Inlet Campground is set beside Alturas Lake Creek as it empties into Alturas Lake. The water in this lake is beautiful, clear and blue. The lake is on the east side of the Sawtooth Mountains and is in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The Sawtooth and nearby White Cloud Mountains are nationally known for their beauty and the backpacking opportunities. I still marvel at how beautiful this area is each time I look through my pictures. I look forward to our next visit.

Campsites: There are 27 RV camping sites with 40 foot driveways. Each has a picnic table and fire ring. 6 camping sites are double sites allowing for up to 16 persons each. Since this is a level area, it shouldn't be a problem to find a soft spot to pitch a tent in most of the camping sites.

Host on Site: The campground host is located in the first site in this campground.

Garbage Services: Garbage services are available.

Restroom: Restrooms are the vault/outhouse style. All were clean and well maintained.

Handicap Accessible: The restrooms are handicap accessible.

Pets: Pets are not allowed in the beach areas. There is a doggy beach next to the human beach now.

Picnic Area: The picnic/day use area is situated along the shoreline of the lake.

Recreation: People come here to swim, boat, picnic, camp, fish, photography, hike, ride their ATVs or just enjoy the beach. There are also many gorgeous views within a short distance.

Fishing: Fishing is available in Alturas Lake, Alturas Lake Creek both above and below the lake, as well as Perkins Lake just down stream. The Salmon River is available only a few miles away. I fished this lake from a raft and found the most action along the north shore just south of Alturas Lake Inlet Campground. The lake seems a little darker there. Maybe more fish feed there.

Boating: The boat ramp is located at Smokey Bear Campground.

Phone service: There are no phones available at the campground. We had no cell reception on our AT phones. Although, we did have some a few miles away.

Nearby Services: Services are available within 10 miles at Sawtooth City.

Location/Driving instructions: From Highway 75, turn onto Forest Road 205 (Alturas Lake Rd.). It is approximately 3 miles to Alturas Lake Inlet Campground.

Coordinates: 43.906518,-114.880347

Elevation: 7037 Feet

Reviewed Date: July 2010

Fees And Reservations: Are available at There are sites available on a first come first serve basis, however I wouldn't risk one being available. We arrived on Tuesday and there were none available. Check out our picture of the fee sign located at the campground. $15 per day foe single campsites and $30 for double campsites.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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jane holiday:


I have been camping at this spot for 50+ years.  I happened to be up there on a sunday afternoon this last july.  the beach was packed.  most of the people were from Sun Valley (5B) and not one of them had there dog on a leash lit alone on the dog beach.  I witnessed one dog pee all over somebodies innertube and the 5B owners apoligized but never cleaned up the tube and allowed the dog to continue run free. what a shame!!