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Lake Cleveland Campground

Name: Lake Cleveland Campground

Lake Cleveland sits at 8,150 feet elevation, less than 1/2 mile long with Mt Harrison towering a thousand feet above it to the south. There are several viewpoints in this area to check out. Lake Cleveland Campground is split between the east and west campgrounds. The eastern campground is situated near but not on the lake and can accommodate trailers while the western campground is more primative and can not accommodate trailer traffic. We also got the feeling the western campground would be more likely to have partiers staying up late and being noisy.

Campsites: The east campground is set on the hills just to the east of the lake. There are a few trees scattered about which may or may not provide some shade for your campsite. The roads and driveways are gravel with dirt sites. There are metal picnic tables and a fire ring with attached grate. The driveways are fairly level. While on the west side the road turns to dirt as well as the driveways and campsites. There are more and larger trees but not all sites will get much shade. The road in the western campground becomes very narrow and has a very sharp turn around. Don't pull your trailer into it. Between the two campgrounds there are a total of 27 campsites.

Host on Site: There wasn't a host at the time of our visit in August.

Water: There is no fresh water.

Garbage Services: No, you will need to plan on packing out your own garbage.

Electricity Available: No

Restroom: There are three vault style outhouses, one in each campground and another at the large parking area.

Handicap Accessible: Other than the outhouses this is not a very handicap friendly campground.

Firewood: You will need to collect or bring your own firewood.

Pets: Pets are welcome but are required to be kept on a leash.

Picnic Area: Yes, there are several picnic tables available near the large parking area.

Recreation: Camping, fishing and hiking are the primary recreational activities.

Fishing: Per the state of Idaho Lake Cleveland was stocked four times in 2021 with just over 19,000 trout!

Boating: Non-motorized boating or floating is allowed on Lake Cleveland.

Swimming: There was no designated swimming area but I am sure many people swim in Lake Cleveland. In August the water level had dropped and expose a very nice beach below the parking area.

Hiking: There are several trails in this area from the trail around the backside of the lake to trails to trails to the top of the ridge and beyond. 

Wildlife: We found deer tracks in the campground. I am not certain of other wildlife in this area. It's to high for rattlesnakes but a few bear would be likely however I didn't see any warning signs.

Additional Camping Opportunities: Thompson Flats Campground and Twin Lakes Campground

Nearby Services: Albion, Idaho is only 15 miles away and you will have most likely driven through it to get here.

RV Dumping Site: None nearby that we found.

Location/Driving instructions: From Burley, Idaho using the freeway, follow this GoogleMap.

Coordinates: 42.323680,-113.647647

Elevation: 8150 Feet

Reviewed Date: August 2021

Fees And Reservations: For the current fee schedule and to reserve one of the 7 sites available to be reserved checkout

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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