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Eugene T Mahoney State Park

Name: Eugene T Mahoney State Park

I have included a clip from the Nebraska website "".

  "This modern state park is the perfect year round destination for a family escape. Families can visit the aquatic center and indoor playground, explore the park’s hiking and biking trails, adventure through the treetop ropes course, climb the observation tower and, when the weather turns cold, enjoy indoor rock climbing, sledding and ice skating. The jewel of the park is Peter Kiewit Lodge, which offers 40 guest rooms, most with balconies that offer a stunning view of the Platte River valley. The park also offers dining at Caddy’s Parkside Grille, an arts and crafts center, an array of cabins, as well as camping opportunities. Mahoney State Park is located midway between Nebraska’s two largest cities, Lincoln and Omaha and is open year round."    

Now I find it hard to use the word "stunning" to describe the view of the Platte River after having hiked in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho or stood on the south rim of the Grand Canyon but the word "picturesque" would fit. And is an accurate description of the park otherwise. The park is intended to be a destination location with multiple recreational offerings.

Campsites: There are 148 campsites, 57 cabins and 40 guest rooms at the Peter Kiewit Lodge.

The campsites are in park like settings with paved roads and driveways. All offer at least some shade and are equipped with a picnic table and fire ring. All 148 campsites offer at least 20/30 amp electrical service.

Host on Site: Multiple host on site.

Water: Water is available near most campsites. A few campsites have water hook ups.

Garbage Services: Yes

Electricity Available: Yes, 20/30 and 50 amp service.

Restroom: Restrooms are available with hot and cold water. Showers are available in the campground restrooms.

Handicap Accessible: Very accessible!

Firewood: Firewood is available to purchase. To prevent spread of pests and disease the park will ask you to exchange any wood you bring with you for wood they have in stock.

Pets: Pets are allowed but must be on a leash or in a kennel...or your trailer.

Picnic Area: There are multiple spots for you to have a picnic even an indoor playground in the Family Activity Center.

Recreation: I am use to camping where the recreation is found in the area around the campground but at Eugene T Mahoney State Park the recreation has been built into the park. Recreation includes camping, horse trail riding, zip-lining, miniture golf, golf driving range, swimming, diving, water slides, tennis, volleyball, fishing, wall climbing, ice skating and playgrounds. In addition up the highway one direction is an aero space museum and in the other a wildlife safari. Iron Horse Golf Club is located in Ashland just a couple miles away. Take a look at our "Recreation" page.

Fishing: Fishing is available but you will need to carefully follow the regulations. Baright and Century Link lakes have special rules.

Boating: Non-powered only. Paddle boats may be rented at the marina for Barights Lake.

Swimming: There is a large water park with slides and diving available.

Hiking: I haven't found anything stating how many miles of trails there are in the park but it is a lot. There are dirt trails along the river and around Century Link Lake and concrete walkways throughout the park.

Wildlife: One would be likely to find deer along the Platte River. Birds and squirrels would also be found here.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have published a review of Louisville State Recreation Area which is located a few miles down the Platte River and offers camping, swimming and fishing.

Phone service: Cell service was available and payphones too.

Nearby Services: Most services that can't be found in the park would be available in near by Ashland, Nebraska.

Gas and Food: Gas may be found in Ashland, Nebraska or in several locations along the Interstate. Food is available in the park or at Ashland.

RV Dumping Site: There is a rv dump station in the park near the entrance.

Nearest Shower: Both campgrounds have showers.

Nearest Laundry: Laundry facilities are in the restroom building in Little Creek Campground.

Location/Driving instructions: I have included a GoogleMap from Omaha, Nebraska.

Coordinates: 41.017743,-96.316436

Elevation: 1120 Feet

Reviewed Date: September 2020

Fees And Reservations: I have included a list of state fees for 2020  on the "Info" page. However to reserve, learn more or check the current fees schefule follow this link.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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