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Van Wyck Campground Review
Lake Cascade State Park

Van Wyck Campground is part of the Lake Cascade State Park and is located on Cascade Lake on the edge of Cascade, Idaho. It looks much more like a city park then a campground but you may camp here at any spot that is open and looks good to you. Well...maybe not the beach, which is very nice by-the-way. Nice white sand and is marked by buoys to keep boats out of it. Boating is a big deal here and whether you are into skiing, wake boarding or fishing Cascade Lake has it all. The campground's quiet time is from 10pm to 7 am.

Campsites:  There is no set number of sites available, approximately 30 can fit. Just find a spot on the grass you like and make yourself at home. Except for the 4th of July when the fireworks are set off here and the campground is closed to campers.

Fee Schedule:
The fee is only $5.00 per day per vehicle. If you are paying with a credit card just write "Charge Card" on your envelope and the Ranger will come to you to collect..

Campground Reservations: You may not reserve a campsite in Van Wyck Campground, it's a first come first serve facility.

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Host on Site:
Yes, Darrell and Donna are in their 5th year as hosts. In the state parks system the host spend half the season at one location then move to another campground for the second half so Darrell and Donna will move in July.

Electricity Available: No.

Garbage Services: Garbage service is available.

There is city water with good water available in various locations around the campground.

Van Wyck has flushing toilets located near the entrance. There is also a newer vault style outhouse located near the boat ramp.

Handicap Accessible: The restrooms are handicap accessible.

Firewood is available from a "stand" near your camp host for $6.00 per bundle.

Pets are allowed but must be kept on a 6 foot leash, except when swimming.

Fishing: Fishing for trout, perch, bass and a few other species is available from boats or the shore. Check the regulations here.

Boating: It would appear the Van Wyck boat ramp is the busiest access point to Cascade Lake. There is a large ramp with nice docks and a second overflow ramp beside the main one.

Yes, there is a very nice beach marked with buoys. There is no lifeguard so swimming is "at your own risk".

Recreation from Van Wyck Campground includes boating, fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, sunbathing on the beaches, swimming or set up your net and playing volleyball or badminton.

Picnic Area: I would feel free to picnic anywhere in Van Wyck Campground. It actually looks more like a park then a campground anyway.

Wildlife: Since Van Wyck Campground is located on the edge of town the only wild life you are likely to see are the ducks and geese that call Cascade Lake home or at a bar downtown.

Phone service:
We had cell reception in the campground and there are several pay phones located in Cascade.

RV Dumping Site: There is an RV dump station in Van Wyck Campground and it's free!

Nearby Services:
Any supplies or services a camper is likely to need can be found in Cascade.

Location/Driving instructions: Van Wyck Campground is on the edge of Cascade, Idaho. Click here for a GoogleMap.

Reviewed: May 2011

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the entrance to Van Wyck Campground
Entrance and fee info

Van Wyck Campground map

Van Wyck camping

the boat ramp at Van Wyck Campground on lake cascade.
Boat Ramp

the beaches at Van Wyck Campground

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